Analogue Forever!
The cool kids of today are now wanting to experience the fun and spontaneity of photography that their parents before them once had and to connect with the physicality of photography as a process, a pastime and a craft.
 In a world where social media and living life through the screen of your smartphone device seem forever important, we are beginning to want to go beyond the digital perfection and counterbalance it once again with analogue processes that look to restore the experience of “living in the moment”.

Just like the return (or discovery) of Vinyl records as a medium that allows for the physicality of music and the tactile aesthetic of owning and enjoying an object for its beauty and status, Analogue photography is restoring the method of ritual and the craft of making an image alongside the appreciation for old and pre-loved equipment that holds a personal link to our history.
Shooting 35mm film with a camera that used to belong to your grandfather and the nostalgia attached to that goes beyond having the latest iPhone on the market in your pocket. 
This is just one reason that the Analogue revival is here, so join in with this revolution, go out and re-discover the beauty of film, dig out your parents’ old camera, invest in a pre-owned SLR, or pick-up a new 35mm film camera and give it a go. 
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