Q: What are our opening hours?

A: Monday to Wednesday 9am -8pm, Thursday to Friday 9am – 9pm, Saturday 9am – 7pm, Sunday 10am – 7pm.

Q: How quickly can I get my prints processed?

A: If you are in store we can print your photographs within 30 minutes, if we are really busy within the hour would be our target service time.

If you are placing an order online for collection 24hrs is the standard turnaround time, if you are having them sent out by courier then 48 – 72hrs would be the standard turnaround time. Although it may be sooner rather than later.

Q: Why do I have to download an app and connect to your WiFi to use the kiosks?

A: We advise all our customers to download our app in order to connect directly to our kiosk machines and have full control from your mobile phone as to only send over the images you want to print or turn into gift items. It saves time and avoids frustration of not being able to connect via cables and speeds the whole process up, all images are sent via our secure network and are systematically deleted from our system after a couple of days at the latest.

Q: I don’t want to hang around and wait for my photos to go through the kiosk can I email you them instead?

A: No, unfortunately not, we require all our customers to create their orders themselves to approve the edit, crop, quantity, quality and price before we can print your photos, all our kiosks will display a quality warning if your images are classed as too low a resolution for the size or service selected and we have our staff on hand to assist your decision making if you need help or reassurance. We will only accept emails of individual images that are to be made into bespoke items such as Canvas and Large format Prints so we can asses their suitability.

Q: My images were sent to me on WhatsApp, can you print them for me?

A: Yes, but you will need to save any images you want that are in your email or third-party apps to a gallery on your phone, our best advice is to create an album on your phone “for printing” and copy or save all the images you require into that folder in advance, we can then transfer all the images you need over together in a fast an efficient manner.


Q: Do you take passport photos in store and how quickly can I get them?

A: Yes, we provide all types of passport and Visa images for most countries in the world, our service is linked to the Irish passport office and we offer an upload system with a code to retrieve them.

Passports are taken in store with professional camera equipment and by fully trained staff with experience in producing images with specific requirements.

Our turnaround time is usually around 15 minutes.

Q: I had my photo taken last week but I would now like a digital copy can you send me it via e-mail?

A: We do not keep photographs taken on file for any longer than the day they were taken and we format the camera’s memory card daily so you would need to have them taken again,

Q: I got my photographs taken with a code, but it has failed to get accepted through the next stage of application, what can you do about this?

A: We take all our photographs with the aim of having them pass through the Irish passport system and check that the code is accepted before we give them to you, once it passes online then we are satisfied that you will have no issues, from time to time however the Irish passport office will reject certain photographs due to human control, there can be issues with young children and babies not being able to fully comply with certain conditions and this is out of our control. All we can do is take a new photograph and re-submit it for you free of charge.

Q: How come your more expensive than the photo booth?

A: All our images are taken by trained staff with attention to detailed and are checked and uploaded online and rechecked after submission which takes time and skill and is classed as a professional service and charged accordingly.



Q: How long does it take to process a roll of film or disposable camera?

A: We are currently running on a 7-day turnaround from the moment we receive your order for develop and print orders, but we usually have them delivered to you digitally within 5 days, we aim to reduce this time to 3 days and can express your order for a premium if required urgently.

Q: I dropped my film in over 7 days ago and have not yet received my order digitally?

A: It is possible that there is an issue with the email address given to send you your prints and they were not sent successfully, please check your order details with the lab.

Q: I dropped in a disposable camera with 27 shots but you only sent 15 images, what happened to the rest of my photos?

A: We get a great deal of customers who end up with fewer prints than they expected because of various issues that occurred when taking the photos, mainly due to either: the flash not being turned on or ready, being too far away or close to the subject, the flash not being powerful enough to illuminate a large open area, conditions being too dark to properly expose the subject. We always print every frame that has an image on it and will give you everything that was printable.

Q: What happens if my roll is blank, do I get a refund?

A: Development is priced at €6 per roll if your roll is blank, you will only be charged the development cost and will receive a refund for the remaining amount paid.

Q: How long do you keep my images for if I forget to come back to collect them?

A: We only keep your 35mm film images on hand for one month, they are then put into storage for 3 months and ultimately will be shredded after 6 months. So please collect your images in a timely manner. We will keep all original customer images to be scanned on file for a much longer period (up to 2 years).

Q: I had my images sent to me digitally but I forgot to download them and I no longer have the link , can I still get them?

A: We use a service called WeTransfer Pro to send and store your digital film scans and the link will generally be available for up to 1 year after it was originally sent to you. However we cannot guarantee that it will still be there after 6 months due to storage space requirements so please download your images ASAP.