35mm is Alive and well

Amongst all the various types of Analogue photography, Instax Film, 120 medium format, large format, 35mm film is by far the most accessible format to shoot on.

Within the realm of Film photography 35mm offers you the most choice of film types and manufacturers. Along with Fujifilm, Kodak and Ilford there are a few independent companies such as Lomography and Dubble Film offering you creative twists on the standard colour film with, speciality films that have colour shifts or light leaks and patterned effects, black and white cinema film and high or low contrast film to experiment with, there’s plenty of choice once the availability is there!

35mm is also the film choice that is easiest to get developed and scanned and the most cost effective.

It is the best choice for availability of equipment to shoot on also with many manufacturers producing basic point and shoot compact film cameras and an ever-expanding second-hand market to pick-up older classic film cameras.

Whether you are into the gear or the craft of film photography there’s plenty to keep up your interest and excitement for film.

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