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Helpful Hints to Constructing a Photobook

A photo book requires a little bit of advance planning. Before choosing the style of photo book to print you need to consider where the book will be displayed, who is the book for – is it for your personal use or will you be giving copies to your family and friends. Like any good book it needs a plot with a beginning, a middle and an end. You need to invest some time to find the photos that best fit each piece of your story. Time spent planning will make the job of constructing the photobook far more enjoyable. Here are some helpful planning tips once you have decided on your Photobook Story.

1. Decide on the shape and size of the book you would like
2. Look at the different layouts available for each page and make a plan for how many collage pages, single image pages etc that you would like to include.
3. Based on your page layouts calculate how many images you would require.
4. Browse your photos and select the images that best tell your story.
5. Organise your images into a specific photobook folder and sequence them to tell your story.
6. You are now ready to go online and upload your images and create your photobook.
7. When you have all your images added you may decide to add some text or captions on certain pages to enhance your story.

Photobook Gift Ideas

Old Family Photos

Ask your family to resurrect all those old photos from when you were all young, or take the photo box from the attic and select the best images from your past. Organise the photos in a sequence that follows a timeline and bring the images in-store for professional scanning and digitization. Go online and create a great photo story with your photobook. Add captions and text to bring the story alive. This is a favourite gift at Christmas or for family gatherings and a wonderful way to preserve your families memories.

Baby’s First Year

Babies are the most photographed of all! Creating a photo memory of a baby's first year is a fun project and one that your baby will cherish when they grow up! It is also a great one to recreate for milestone birthdays like 13, 18 and 21! These books are lovely mementos for your kids and can last for generations.

Occasion Books

Impromptu Wedding shots look great in a photobook. Everyone loves the official album – but the impromptu photos taken by guests throughout the day really capture the essence of the day. It is a great first anniversary gift for your friend! Photobooks are fantastic for keeping the memory of any occasion alive – Holy Communion, Confirmation, Significant Birthdays. 

Sporting Events or Milestones

Keep a record of those special achievements by collating images into a photobook. The first Triathlon or Marathon – a photobook is a great way to relive those memories from the comfort of your couch!

Remember a Life

Photos are a wonderful connection to our loved ones who may have passed away. Creating a photobook of memories is a wonderful cathartic way to remember all the wonderful moments in your loved ones life.  


Square Canvas sets make it easy for you to create a wall design that will brighten up any empty wall space. Available in sets of two or sets of 4 you can choose a set of images to tell a story and create a wonderful photo gallery. Square sets are an easy way to artfully decorate a wall and are an alternative to one large feature Canvas. Sets work great for Baby Photos, Wedding Photos or Family Portraits.

Get started with the right canvas

Choosing the Right Photo Book Format

Once you have selected your photos you can focus on the style and format that best suits your story. Square Format is perfect for people stories while our Classic Range is a universal favourite...

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Get started with the right canvas

Personalising Your Book & Creating Photo Book Collections

There is a photobook style for everyone from the very simple to the elaborate, the more time you have the more personalisation you can bring to your photo book. You can choose themes, colours and borders. You can move around your images and try them on different pages and in different formats...

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