film processing

Here at Fujifilm Dundrum we offer a high quality and cost effective range of services including developing, printing and scanning for film, digital or print reproduction. We use Fujifilm and Epson equipment and we can cover all your needs from standard size prints up to high resolution neg scanning. 

We can process 35 mm Colour film & C41 process Black & White Film, we can print from 35 mm Colour or Black & White Negatives and we can Scan and print from Slides and reversal film.

Our standard film service is 72 hrs or three working days (time may vary due to current climate) and we process film in house. All our film is processed by our trained staff on site typically twice a week. 

We can accept film via in store drop off or postal delivery and in store collection.

We offer a digital delivery service via WeTransfer Pro and you can request a standard resolution, high resolution or premium resolution scan, unless stated you will receive a standard scan. 

film transfer

Please collect your orders in a timely manner – due to the volume of printing / developing going through our lab they may be archived to off-site storage after a number of weeks, and uncollected orders will be destroyed after 6 months.