There are lots of photo print size and style options , but whichever one you choose don't forget to put them on display. It is everyone's delight to flick through a Photo Album, watch them smile as memories are reignited.
So don't just print your photos, show them off!

Standard & Small Prints

The standard print size for Digital Photos is 5"x7" - this gives you the best option and the least amount of cropping. 6"x4" is also a very popular print size - it was the original print size for film photography. When choosing 6"x4" be mindful to edit your photos to avoid cropping


Larger Print sizes such as 8"x 6" and 10"x8" are great for photo framing. You can also choose these sizes to create a collage image for framing.  


Square Prints look amazing especially if you are uploading your photos from Instagram. Square Photos also look great in a themed album like holiday images or new baby photos.

Photo Printing is an art form whether your take your photos on a digital camera. a mobile device or old-style film - printing them and holding them in your hand is the real reward. Flicking through a photo album or browsing a photo frame display is a simple life pleasure. Every photo order received is printed using the top-class Fujifilm Printing Process and Crystal Archive paper ensuring your prints will last at least 75 years and beyond in their printed form. That is a lot of joy for a lot of years.


Square Canvas sets make it easy for you to create a wall design that will brighten up any empty wall space. Available in sets of two or sets of 4 you can choose a set of images to tell a story and create a wonderful photo gallery. Square sets are an easy way to artfully decorate a wall and are an alternative to one large feature Canvas. Sets work great for Baby Photos, Wedding Photos or Family Portraits.

Get started with the right canvas

When you are printing your photos you can choose to add a white border - this looks particularly nice on square photos and it helps the image to stand out a little more. You can try it on the screen before proceeding. There is a choice of Matte or Glossy finish and we recommend Matte particularly for photo prints that will end up in a frame. There are so many options to choose from when printing your photos but we particularly like the Collage option for the enlargement sizes, and 8"x10" collage photo framed can capture the heart of any event. Printing your photos directly from your phone is easy with Fujifilm Imagine Dundrum. You can select your photos to print and collect them in-store or we can deliver them straight to your door.

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