Discover the Perfect Canvas for You!

Canvas Edges 

Our Canvas Images are available to order as a Wrapped Canvas or White Edged Canvas. Choose to wrap your photo around the edges of your canvas frame if you want to achieve an all-round view of your photo. This works best when the image has a clear background and it continues all around the canvas frame and is really good for seascapes and landscapes If your photo subjects are closer to the edges, you should choose the White Edge Canvas Option. Your photo will print edge to edge on the canvas and the sides of the canvas will remain blank. This is the best option when your image features your favorite faces and you want them firmly placed in the centre of the canvas.

Canvas Shape and Sizes

The Square Format

Perfect when you want to create a feature wall of canvas prints, it also works very well with Instagram images. 

Landscape & Portrait Format

Ideal for family portraits, you can choose either a Landscape or Portrait format to match the image that you are using and how you would like it to appear on your wall. 

Panoramic Format

Is perfect for scenery, landscape, cityscape or seascape images.
There are a variety of size options available for each shape so it is a good idea to consider where the canvas will be displayed before choosing your style size and shape.

The Right Photos for Your Canvas

High-quality photos where the subjects are centred in the photo work best for Canvas prints. High resolutions, and clear backgrounds will also give the best results. Images from your smartphone or social media are perfect for small photo canvases, while higher resolution photos like those from digital cameras are perfect for larger canvas prints. Make sure your photos and the canvas you select are the same shapes to avoid losing any bits.


Square Canvas sets make it easy for you to create a wall design that will brighten up any empty wall space. Available in sets of two or sets of 4 you can choose a set of images to tell a story and create a wonderful photo gallery. Square sets are an easy way to artfully decorate a wall and are an alternative to one large feature Canvas. Sets work great for Baby Photos, Wedding Photos or Family Portraits.

Get started with the right canvas

Get started with the right canvas for your space!

Look at your wall space - will it suit one large canvas or would a series of small canvas displayed together look better. The shape of your photo will determine the shape of your canvas - so make sure the shape works well on your wall space. Then you simply have to upload your photo in the app and you are ready to print. For your convenience when you upload your photo it will automatically adjust to the canvas size and format that you choose so you will be able to see if your photo fits as you would like or if it is cropped - you can quickly and easily change your selection to best fit your photo size and shape.

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