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Photo Restoration

Here at Fujifilm in Dundrum we have been expertly copying , enhancing and restoring our customers photographs for over 15 years , so whether you want to restore a faded memory or reproduce the family Album, then our expert team can help you and advise you on how to get the best results from your precious images.

Scanning Services

We can scan and reproduce your images for you and can offer you a digital delivery service via WeTransfer Pro

We offer 1 hr, 24 hr or 3 day service for in-store drop in jobs

1hr service 1-10 prints @ €3.00 per image (colour corrected and enhanced)

24 hr service 1-10 prints / slides @ €2.00 per image (colour corrected and enhanced)

3 day service 1-24 prints / slides @ €1.00 per image (colour corrected and enhanced)

We will scan and digitize your images so you can print or share them with family and friends all over the world.

We offer a bulk scan and digitization service "shoe box scanning" for all scan orders over 25 prints 


Photographic prints must be at least 2.5 x 3.5 inches and no bigger than 8 x 10 inches to be scanned at "Shoe box Scanning" special pricing. Photos must be un-mounted, not torn or bent, and they must be free of Post-It notes, tape, staples and adhesives. Photos that have been stored in adhesive albums (the ones with the clear peel away cover sheet), as well as thick Polaroid and Kodak instant prints will not feed through our scanner. (they can be scanned individually at our standard rate however).

We can only scan loose prints so they must be removed from albums. Prints will be scanned as presented so they must be face up and rotated as you want them as this is an automated scanning service.

+25 images @ .75c each

+50 images @.50c each

+100 images @.25c each

Once we have scanned your images you can choose to have them transferred to physical media or hard copy print also if you require. 

CD /DVD (image data only disk) @ €5.00

USB Drive (16gb drive €10) 

You can supply your own USB drive only if it is new / unused and still in original packaging due to the risk of a potential virus infecting our Lab Server.

Prints are available at the same cost as our standard print service and the price is based on size and quantity.


For best results call to our store with your damaged or faded photos where we will scan your print, to be repaired digitally by our artist. 

If you have a reasonable quality flat bed scanner you can scan it yourself and upload to us via our WeTransfer Pro service.

We have 3 levels of Price depending on the amount of work required

Basic: Minor repair of scratches and very light superficial damage, cropping , enhancement and object removal.

from €10 (based on assessment)

Average: More severe damage to larger parts of the photograph, more complex object or person removal and replacement, heads swapped , people added etc..

from €20 (based on assessment)

Major: Extensive damage across the entire image covering major cracks and tears through facial features, combining multiple images and changing or replacing backgrounds

from €30 (based on assessment)

 We can quote you when we see the damaged photo.