Photo gifts are unique and priceless because they use photos that represent a memory at a time that is personal to you and your loved one, Before you start to think about the person who will receive the gift, what do they mean to you, what message do you want to convey, Then do a quick scroll through your albums or camera roll and favourite whichever ones immediately pop out to you.
Create a new album and put your selection in the album. Then review your selection looking for those photos that look the best - look for ones with natural light, with the subjects clear and in focus. Our photo gifts are quick and easy to create. Some gifts require only one photo which makes it easy to select the image and upload it to your photo gift. For other personalised gifts, you can use multiple photos and can further personalise using embellishments or text to add an additional personal touch.
When you upload your photos our software will guide you on the ratio of size to resolution (quality of your image). It is easy to use the system.