Choosing the Right Photo Book Format

Once you have selected your photos you can focus on the style and format that best suits your story. Square Format is perfect for people stories while our Classic Range is a universal favourite. Choose the Premium Option if you have some time to invest and you want to create a highly personalised finish. The Quick Book is ideal if you want to have flexibility by removing and adding photos at a later stage, once you have selected the style you choose a size and cover finish - there are lots of options to choose from. Our simple to use templates will help you design the book - you can use our autofill option to automatically organise your photos into a sequence (note if you choose autofill it will use all the photos that you have selected the more photos used the smaller they will appear in a page). If you have a little more time you can personally sequence your images. Double page spreads and collages are great options to use. You can preview your book before making the final order.